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If you're the kind of person who...

wants to make a difference and you are frustrated with your message not being heard and received...

is looking for a time-tested method for showing up with power, clarity, and compassion...

wants to see your efforts get more traction...

is committed to both making a positive difference AND to continually learning and growing.

Get Skilled through World Class Training

Alan Rafael Seid is a Certified Trainer through the Center for Nonviolent Communication since 2003, working with individuals and organizations on 5 continents in English and Spanish-speaking trainings.

Tess Burke is a trainer candidate and has been studying NVC since 2012. She teaches people from more than 30 countries, and offers coaching and mentoring for deeper integration as well.

Have you noticed how so often the key to:

• getting things done,

• getting through your day feeling good,

• not feeling alone and isolated,

• working well with others,

• enjoying the company of others as well as your own,

• excelling in what you do,

• being a leader…

…is effective communication skills?

What if your communication skills were extraordinary?

• What would you be able to accomplish?

• Who could you enroll in your vision?

• What more could be possible by knowing how to ask for what you want, and having the courage to do so?

What People Are Saying

“Possessing an intellect and wealth of knowledge that doctoral students would envy, Alan Seid brings a quality of clarity to his work and training that is a rare commodity. I know few people who live so completely in harmony with their espoused values.”

~ Wes Taylor

CNVC Certified Trainer, Organizational Development Specialist, Service Excellence Coordinator, Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

“Alan, your lucid presence combined with your command of the concepts and your ease/simplicity in presenting them were not only a pleasure to experience. You up-leveled the center of gravity of the entire conversation/experience for us all.”

~ Sandra Poulson

Organization Effectiveness Specialist, Environmental Protection Agency

“I have very high regard for Alan. My opinion is that he knows his stuff backwards and forwards, is creative in synthesizing understandings, and lives with ENORMOUS integrity. I find him to be very inspiring – and am encouraged that he represents the best of the next generation.”

~ Lucy Leu

CNVC Certified Trainer; Former President of the Board, Center for Nonviolent Communication; Author, Nonviolent Communication Companion Workbook: A Practical Guide for Individual, Group or Classroom Study

“Alan is a tremendous resource, he helped me to focus on my goals and find my inner strength and courage to become my greatest version. Alan has a unique ability to convey complex theories and adapt them into everyday practical use; I highly recommend Alan and Cascadia Workshops.”

~ Kofi Debrah

Consultant, Event Organizer, Co-Founder & Partner of Oko Forests

How is the program set up?

This program will cover the fundamentals of Nonviolent Communication over the course of 9 months.

• The course runs April-December 2020

• Each call will last approximately 2 hours on Zoom. 

• Both levels receive their call recordings and handouts and are able to participate in our learning community.

• We have payment plans available

What is included?

The course includes two calls per month, on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday 11a-1p Pacific Time. The first Tuesday we focus more on content and the 3rd Tuesday we focus more on practice. There is always time for Q&A so we can answer your questions.


What we're learning

Module 1: Distinguishing two modes of consciousness; and recognizing life-disconnected and life-alienated thinking and language

Tuesday, Apr 7 Learners and Practitioners

Tuesday, Apr 21 Practitioners

Module 2: Making it conscious – feelings and needs vocabulary

Tuesday, May 5 Learners and Practitioners

Tuesday, May 19 Practitioners

Module 3: The NVC Model: Mastering Observations

Tuesday, Jun 2 Learners and Practitioners

Tuesday, Jun 16 Practitioners

Module 4: The NVC Model: Mastering Feelings

Tuesday, Jul 7 Learners and Practitioners

Tuesday, Jul 21 Practitioners

Module 5: The NVC Model: Mastering Needs

Tuesday, Aug 4 Learners and Practitioners

Tuesday, Aug 18 Practitioners

Module 6: The NVC Model: Mastering Requests

Tuesday, Sept 1 Learners and Practitioners

Tuesday, Sept 15 Practitioners

Module 7: Empathic connection with others

Tuesday, Oct 6 Learners and Practitioners

Tuesday, Oct 20 Practitioners

Module 8: Self-Empathy and Honest Self-Expression

Tuesday, Nov 3 Learners and Practitioners

Tuesday, Nov 17 Practitioners

Module 9: Using NVC to Express Appreciation and Gratitude

Tuesday, Dec 1 Learners and Practitioners

Tuesday, Dec 15 Practitioners

*Why Blackbelt? This is a respectful reference to aikido, a martial art of peace, as well as to the concept and experience of mastery. When emotions are "hitting the frying pan," THAT is when we want our Black Belt, right?

**If you don't already know this information, it's not your fault. They don't teach us this in school. And yet the world is crying out for these exact skills!

Please join us now.

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